Projects: Northern Lights Welcome Holt Renfrew Shoppers

December 15, 2014 by Dave Haynes


Your word for today is thud, as in the sound involved when the invoice for this lovely creative comes in from Montreal’s Moment Factory, which has again done the video wall outside the Toronto Yorkdale location of Canadian lux retailer Holt Renfrew.

This is a place where you can drop $125 on what us regular folk call a toque, so the budget would be there to do this sort of thing, and the canvas pretty much necessitates a serious investment in creative. Holt Renfrew is NOT going to do Buy One Get One FREE! screamers on their signs. They want creative that oozes romance and glamour.

The wall went up last year and Moment Factory won the RFP to produce work for this new holiday season on the giant, flanking LED panels.

Inspired by the magic of the holidays, says Moment Factory in a company blog post, our creative team built video content with a strong focus on fashion and glamour. In an 8-minute long continuous loop, a narrative unfolds beginning with a mystical display of colourful northern lights, elegantly-dressed couples floating by on merry-go-rounds, shifting landscapes of drifting snow, crystal pendants and gems, fashion and falling stars, amongst other romantic wintery scenes.


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