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December 4, 2014 by Dave Haynes



I’m in Seoul this week visiting my partners at Shakr Media, which developed and runs the underlying technology – as well as creates many of the templates – for Spotomate.

It’s 9:35 Thursday morning here and 7:35 Wednesday evening back home, so I am more than a little time-confused and stretched on keeping up my usual blog post routine. It didn’t help that I lost a day heading here, and then spent all of Wednesday going to and from Taipei for a content discussion.

Interesting side note: if you’ve been to Denver and thought – “Man, this airport is really far from downtown.” – try Seoul. This place is huge and the airport is on the coast, way far away from downtown, but there’s traffic and development pretty much the whole way. My midnight cab last night was best described as a beater mini-van driven by Lewis Hamilton, after five Red Bulls, and it still took him 45 minutes door to door.

Seoul is a cool place, and also a cold place. Like Canada-cold. Brrr.


I’ve not had time to see much so far, other than one subway ride and a high-end downtown mall with a digital sign deployment that looks good at a glance, but completely misses on the basics like matching the material to the resolution. You see gazillion dollar watches s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d and badly pixilated.

With meetings going well with the Shakr crew the plan is to get out and see how digital is being used in the backyard of Samsung and LG.

Regular posts resume next week.

  1. Editor says:

    Don’t forget Nanov Display. I’d guess their experience in Seoul’s climate is what’s helped them make headway with outdoor installations in markets like Ottawa.

  2. Editor says:

    (Also, there are buses from the airport with dedicated lanes now. Much quicker than the old days. At least it’s not as far as Narita is from Tokyo.)

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