Projects: Nike Flagship Store, Gang-nam, Seoul

December 4, 2014 by Dave Haynes


Nike almost always does a nice job with its use of in-store digital, and there were some things in the apparel giant’s flagship store on the Gang-nam shopping street in Seoul that I’ve not seen before and liked.

They used transparent displays at least three different ways – one in particular in a subtle, intriguing new way.

The floor directories are transparent digital LCDs mounted on concrete support columns, and the enclosures are open in the rear, so the directory is transparent over that poured concrete.


Nike also had a very large soccer (football) promotional display in a corner that may or may not have been interactive. There was a start icon on a menu-like area bottom right. I pushed a few times, but nothing happened.


The store also had some smaller display cabinet see-through merchandising displays for shoes. I’ve seen that before, but the content execution here was terrific.

The store had iPads at the cash-counter to verify transactions, screens embedded in merchandising tables, and a big Kinect thing there for Stupid People Tricks, and of course, it didn’t work.

Nice, nice store.


  1. Noah says:

    Nice post, Dave, and well said about the obligatory broken Kinect.

    Any idea who is actually making (and selling) these 60″(? 70″?) transparent displays?

    I’ve recently reached out to Evoluce and received no reply … are they even real? It seems like Samsung got out of the game, or at least is doing best to obscure their offerings to non-dealer gen. pop.

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