A Holiday Video Gift For Networks, From Freshwater

December 4, 2014 by Dave Haynes

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The good folks at Freshwater Digital Media Partners, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, have shot and produced a lovely holiday season spot that digital signage networks are free to download and run on their screens.

The live action spot, called Gloves: The Gift Of Giving, has all its rights cleared for the location, actors and music, for unlimited use. There is room at the bottom of the ending slate for networks or companies to include their logo, if they wish.  They can download the file in multiple encode and resolutions by opening the video link, clicking the actions button on the top right, and selecting download.

No embed code, but you can view it here as well as on the download link.

“We had been discussing doing something like this when we saw the forecast in early November for a huge dump of snow,” says Freshwater founder Matt Downey. “The team rallied and coordinated everything, and was able to pull off the shoot with just a couple days notice.”

“As you can see, we got a nice preview of the winter to come.  Total production time for this piece, including pre pro, talent and location scouting, shooting, editing, and post production was less than 60 hours.”

Nicely done. Here’s the download link: https://freshwater.wistia.com/projects/spuaqrpfp2

  1. Don Lunetta says:

    That’s really great Matt, class act all the way. I will send it to all.

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