Projects: Holt Renfrew At Toronto Yorkdale


Yorkdale is by most measures Canada’s premium shopping mall – the place where most luxury retailers establish their first flagship store in the country and where established retailers put in a lot of money to draw in crowds.

Holt Renfrew equates kinda sorta to a Neiman Marcus store in the US – a decades-old luxury apparel store with a handful of large locations across the country.Last year, it reworked its Yorkdale site, and baked in six columns of seamless LED panels at the entry. Each column measures 29 feet high by 4 feet wide, which function together as two three-display arrays at either side of the entrance.

Holt Renfrew can run specific content on each individual column or have it span across the entire façade.

The set-up uses Scala as the CMS, and was put in place by Toronto’s Gridcast Media. The screens are Nanolumens.

I did quite a bit of work with the company that owns Yorkdale and a pile of other Canadian malls, but was done before this went in, and haven’t been up there since (driving from my burg to that part of Toronto is NOT a fun thing to do). So I missed what Moment Factory did with these displays for the Christmas holidays this time last year, which looks amazing.



Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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