Projects: Interactive Amazon Storefronts In NYC Subway Stops

November 25, 2014 by Dave Haynes



I’m not sure about this …

Digital information kiosks on NYC subway platforms are showcasing custom-built transactional ads from, creating temporary virtual storefronts on the busiest mass transit network in the Americas.

The digital kiosks show curated products from Amazon’s Consumer Electronics Holiday Gift Guide, showcasing select products to 1.2 million riders per day. Control Group, which runs the kiosks for the MTA, says commuters can easily browse the latest gaming consoles, wearables, headphones and cameras on the kiosks and push a selected product to their phone via SMS, email or QRC to complete the purchase—all while waiting for their train.

As  a marketing tool to drive awareness of Amazon’s curated gift guide, it might work quite well. I’m not convinced many people will feel comfortable shopping so publicly, in very noisy, messy utilitarian environments like MTA platforms, particularly if they can do the same off their smartphones while waiting.

To quote a fellow blogger:

The great thing about digital is that data logs will tell all, and almost instantly. If people use it, the data will say as much. If not, same.

  1. We’re convinced that the Amazon Holiday Gift Guide’s inclusion on the On The Go Travel Station platform will create an engaging experience between brands and consumers while they’re on the go during their daily commute. It’s exactly the kind of creative campaign we had in mind when we first began thinking about including interactive digital screens in system and it’s also what we’d like to see more of in the future using either digital signage or other technologies in some of our vacant retail space.

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