Videos: Samsung’s Smart, Entry-Level Marketing Play

November 24, 2014 by Dave Haynes

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This is smart marketing, with several things in play.

Get some use cases happening in the marketplace via a simple, small business contest. Make the winners your product ambassadors. Then put them on an easily shared, familiar medium, instead of relying on trade publications to preach to the converted and jaded. And then time the release ahead of Small Business Saturday.

It’s so much easier to sell something when you can show it in context and in use by people who are peers. A small retailer can only vaguely identify with what a national chain does with digital signage, but they can quickly recognize their own business in what, say, a dessert shop does. It’s also hard for a machine the size of Sammy to find people using your product and understand whether there’s a marketing fit, but run a contest and give away (guessing) less than $10K of gear, and you can come up with people who are ready to go video and who know that was part of the deal.

The videos below are very nicely shot, and to Samsung’s credit, they do anything but jack-hammer the product. If anything, I’d say it’s almost a little too subtle. Nonetheless, nicely done and smart.

This is, by the way, the TV version of the Smart Signage program, not to be confused, but easily done, with the Smart Signage commercial panel program.

From the release:

Samsung has announced the winners of something called the Samsung Small Business ReDESIGN contest – effectively a mechanism to get the Samsung Smart Signage TV program into a series of small, diverse local businesses. Out of nearly 500 small businesses across the U.S. that entered, the five winners were:


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