Projects: Four-Storey Tall Herringbone Video Wall In Miami-Area Hotel

November 21, 2014 by Dave Haynes


Here’s 20 Planar Mosaic displays herringboned into a gorgeous, tall video totem at a lux hotel in the Surfside area, near Miami Beach.

It’s billed in a press release as the “world’s tallest Planar® Mosaic™ Architectural Video Wall” – a title which (completely respectfully) no one outside of Beaverton, Oregon will view with more than a shrug.

Anyway, the project was put together by Florida-based CMA – which spec’d Planar and BrightSign media players.  “With a high-profile installation like this, it’s important that the deployment be artistically breathtaking with perfect synchronization and 24/7 reliability – that’s why we chose BrightSign and Planar,” said Cesar Cifuentes, founder and president of CMA. “The beautiful Planar Mosaic displays work seamlessly with BrightSign’s players to create a finished product that perfectly complements the look of the hotel.”

Adding to the allure, the hotel’s glass walls make the video wall visible from the street as well as the lobby. This impressive video wall brings landmark status to the hotel, helping it stand out among its peers in this stylish stretch of Florida coastline.

The Planar Mosaic architectural video wall solution allows the ultra-thin LCD display tiles to be mounted in any position relative to one another. This makes possible the towering video wall in which the twenty 55” displays are placed at a 90-degree angle to one another, creating a beautiful herringbone pattern. The displays’ unencumbered positioning flexibility, off-board power supplies and sophisticated imaging software enabled CMA to design and install the video wall in such a way that simply would not have been possible using displays from any other manufacturer.

“Our vision for architectural video walls is well demonstrated in this impressive hospitality installation,” said Jennifer Davis, vice president of marketing at Planar Systems. “By consulting with the client in the first stages of the design process, CMA’s installation has become a focal point visible from the street, and is destined to be an iconic, instantly-recognizable fixture in the model Miami architectural landscape.”

Very nice project. Planar makes a nice, albeit pricey display and I really like the software they make available to quickly and easily design and visualize offbeat video walls like this. This would have been impressive as a 2-wide by 10-high stack, but going herringbone makes it much more visually interesting.

I assume the hotel is not named because the client said No, which is a familiar battle for anyone in digital signage marketing.


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