Free Video Ad For Smartphone Sellers

November 21, 2014 by Dave Haynes


This DIY video spot just went up on Spotomate and is free through US Thanksgiving Day, and $75 after that.

This one is what I would call digital signage-optimized, in that it does not have audio, big, bold fonts, an uncluttered design and builds in the important bits like logos and room for  a strong call to action.

It could also be used for other consumer electronics, and I am sure someone clever will make this work for something that has nothing to do with phones. Using transparent PNG files is the best way to go here, so the images float. I have a version in quality assurance (QA) that has a white background instead of light gray, and that will allow logos and device hero shots with white BGs to look good without removing the background.

Have a crack. It’s free to try always, and as an intro offer, free to use and download for the next few days. This is what it can look like after 4-5 minutes of dragging in images and filling in a few blanks …

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