ComQi Latest Digital Signage CMS To Go Samsung Smart

November 18, 2014 by Dave Haynes



ComQi is the latest digital signage content management platform provider to hook up with Samsung and its Smart Signage embedded display panels program.

The company’s retail-centric EnGage software now runs on the broad range of Samsung panels that have ARM processors and memory, which removes the need for separate media players. ComQi says its integration of EnGage takes full advantage of the system on chip set-up and provides full support for 1080p HD video, dynamic HTML5 content and live data updating.

Says the news release:

COMQIRECTANGLE“We’re particularly excited about what our HTML5 and dynamic data updating capabilities will do on SSP screens in both retail and QSR,” explains Stuart Armstrong, ComQi’s President. “Our EnGage platform makes it easy to take and use data from store systems and make conditional programming decisions on the fly, so SSP screens can automatically change spots and pricing based on things like price compliance, overstocks and promotional price reductions.”

The ComQi release for SSP also supports external video and TV inputs, meaning in-store displays could be scheduled for events such as staff training or showing feeds from live runway shows from one of fashion’s capital cities.

SSP support adds to an already broad spectrum of devices that run off ComQi’s cloud-based content management system. The latest version, EnGage 8.6, allows network operators to design, program, schedule, and distribute targeted, data-rich programming designed to engage and influence consumers.

“Retail and QSR are important strategic areas for the Samsung SSP Partner ecosystem,” says Todd Bouman, Vice President for Product Marketing at Samsung’s Enterprise Business Division. “EnGage provides easy workflows and robust architecture to support large scale enterprise deployments and networks. Heavily focused on shopper engagement, we’ve been impressed with how EnGage has been able to bring all that programming and scheduling muscle to our SSP displays.”

Samsung offers several lines of SSP-embedded displays tailored for different use cases and engineering needs. Sizes range from 10 -inch screens to the massive 95-inch displays.

Along with embedded displays, ComQi’s EnGage works on numerous devices, from interactive to video walls, and on both Linux and Android.

After some fits and starts when the product was launched, there is now a pretty healthy list of SW providers working with Samsung, with it undoubtedly helping that the product has matured and there are installs getting out in the field.

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