Make Your Next Product Video Ad For Free

November 14, 2014 by Dave Haynes

howto3Spotomate has just added a new free video template – well, free through the 21st – for marketing products and services.

The graphic designer has skewed the template to smartphones, but I think it works better marketing other products and services that don’t demand hero shots (as smartphones do).

Here’s what it looks like made up as a fictional laser eye surgery clinic.

Thera re now more than 50 different templates up on Spotomate. You can make ads and promo messages for free, just using images, and if you like what you see, crank out a digital sign-ready HD MP4 for $75 or less.

This is nothing like template stuff you may have seen. This is full-on After Effects you can manipulate, without having After Effects or knowing a thing about the software. Check it out.

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