Projects: North America’s 1st Transparent High-Rez LED Wall

November 7, 2014 by Dave Haynes


Vancouver integrator 10net has lit up what it’s touting as the first permanent install of China’s GWS Technology that’s a mash-up of LED curtains and glass.

The install is in the head office of BlueShore Financial in North Vancouver. It uses a 5 mm pixel pitch LED array that instead of having a black block finish in behind, it is instead held together with see-through glass. So what you get is a glass panel you can sorta, generally, that became a high rex LED wall when active.

The wall runs West Coast imagery and is part of an ambitious overall set-up in the office block.

Along with the 20’ x 9.5’ transparent LED video wall installation, 10net also put in:

– a 12 screen video wall consisting of 12 32” LCD displays in a cascading mosaic of landscape and portrait configurations.

– a 3 x 3 video wall using HP thin bezel panels and a custom built HP computer with 9 display outputs creating a 5740×3250 canvas size.

– custom LCD displays outward facing alongside the ATM kiosks

The tech is not to be confused with LED curtain walls, which are also see-through but are more suspended than encased, and are generally using much lower resolutions. Five mm pixel pitch looks very good, even when reasonably close to the screen.

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