DSA Crown Award Winner List

November 7, 2014 by Dave Haynes

DSA_Crown_Awards_Logo_Color_NoDate200x194The Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA) did its annual Crown Awards this week in New York City.

Here’s the winner list:

Category – Point of Sale (content budget of $10,000 or more)

Gold: Bank of Ireland, submitted by RMG Networks
Silver: Titanfall Video Wall Experience at the Microsoft Stores, submitted by Synect Media
Bronze: AT&T Flagship Store Beats Music Promotion, submitted by MaxMedia

Category – Point of Sale (content budget less than $10,000)

Gold: LG UHD Wall, submitted by Two West
Silver: Digitizing Argos, submitted by Scala
Bronze: WAND, submitted by WAND Corporation

Category – Point of Wait ($10,000 or more)

Gold: Aria Resort & Casino, submitted by Verifone
Silver: Sprint Live Pro, submitted by Two West
Bronze: Sprint WeGo – Product Video, submitted by Two West

Category – Point of Wait (less than $10,000)

Gold: Sprint Store Virtual Queue, submitted by Two West
Silver: Quaker Steak and Lube, submitted by Insteo


Category – Point of Transit ($10,000 or more)

Gold: San Francisco International Airport, submitted by Omnivex
Silver: SIEMENS SU2C The Baton Pass in Times Square, submitted by ABC Creative Services

Judges for the DSA Crown Awards included Michael Chase of St. Joseph Content, Anne White of hybris, Manolo Almagro of TPN Retail, Noah Sarff of The Basement, and Keith Kelsen of 5th Screen. (I think Hellberg was on it, too).

Each of the entries were scored independently by the judges, who took the following into consideration:

The scores were ranked in each category to reveal the winners.

“The content continues to improve at both budget levels, and we are seeing outstanding content on so many cross platform channels,” said Keith Kelsen, judge and co-host. “It’s clear that content continues to truly be the most important part of execution. The high standards of quality of the content speaks volumes about the care producers put into these deployments and the care they take in making the brands look great.”

“The content is amazing, and the engagement proves it,” said Paul Flanigan, Executive Director of the DSA. “We’re thrilled to be able to recognize outstanding content. The quality can make or break an experience, and we’re seeing some outstanding companies embrace and present the wow factor.”

I’m not sure of the lack of a bronze winner in some categories means there were all of two entries, or that there were many, but only two were worth giving awards to. Whatever you may think of awards, they’re pretty inexpensive marketing tools, not to mention good staff motivators. I don’t know why so many companies in this business don’t bother with them.

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