Samsung Expands Smart Signage Line-up With 22″ Touch, 10-Incher

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Electronics giant Samsung has announced its Smart Signage embedded commercial panel line-up will cover the waterfront from 95 inches all the way down to a 10-inch, an item you might previously thought of as a tablet.

Says the news release:

The new small signage solutions include:

  • The DB22D-P, a 21.5-inch Full HD commercial display rated for use up to 16-hours daily. Roughly the size of a sheet of tabloid paper, it offers a smart replacement for small static posters used in retail, public spaces or corporate environments. (Note – Pretty sure they’ve had a 22 for a while, so maybe a different series?)
  • The DB22D-T, which adds integrated touch for interactive applications. With up to 10 points of simultaneous touch, it is ideal for enhancing customer engagement and convenience, allowing guests to tap, swipe and scroll to access information.
  • The DB10D, a 10.1-inch commercial display ideal for shelf-level advertising or cash register signage in retail or meeting room signage.

How the latter differs from a Sammy tablet, I dunno. The product is not being released until “later this year” – which means soon because we’re running out of 2014. Presumably a 10.1-inch would use the tablet display glass and CPU but be a little more ruggedized and run the particular Linux kernel used by the SSP platform, as opposed to Android.

Though the SSP effort continues to build partners with CMS software companies, and tends to poo-poo MagicInfo, Samsung corporate can’t help itself:

“The displays also come with Samsung MagicInfo software for easy management and scheduling of content. All products feature HDMI, USB and D-Sub (analog) connectivity, external control via RS232C, and are rated for 16/7 operation.”

How to get your software partners’ heads shaking …

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
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1 thought on “Samsung Expands Smart Signage Line-up With 22″ Touch, 10-Incher”

  1. We have tested the new products and they operate as well as their larger siblings up to the 95″ SSP Display.

    Thew new 22″ is mainly a display quality upgrade on the original device that Samsung brought to market, which was ‘ok’ but lacks brightness and viewing angles required for portrait use.

    The key difference between the use of the 10″ Samsung SSP Display and a Galaxy tablet, is the overall stability and locked-down nature of the SSP device, compared to the challenge of securing and managing Android tablets in an unattended public environment.

    The other big advantage is the ability for our partners and customers to choose one technology solution and management platform for anything from the 10″ through to the new 1,500cdm high-bright SSP Displays or use in-window.

    We have over 5,000 non-Samsung 10″ or smaller displays under management globally and we are pleased to see Samsung enter the fray, even if they can’t help themselves in promoting MagicInfo 🙂

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