Projects: Breeze Center Mall In Taipei

October 27, 2014 by Dave Haynes


One of the things that I found out about tech companies in Taiwan, while there, is that they can get a lot more involved in projects than they might in other parts of the world.

VIA Technologies, much more known for CPUs and boards and small PCs, worked with the owners of a fashion district shopping mall in Taipei to installs a series of big video walls and display set-ups, using its video wall capabilities and own CMS.

Their are displays outside and on four floors, and VIA is also using its own take on BLE beacons. VIA AirTalk BLE technology, says a release, will be integrated throughout the mall to facilitate the delivery of tailored messages directly to shoppers’ smartphones through the Breeze center app. This will create a personal concierge-like service which will allow for location specific information to be relayed, such as top selling products, store information, wayfinding, and special promotions, focusing shoppers’ attention on unique opportunities as they stroll through the mall.

  1. Steve Gurley says:

    Dave, this is happening in the U.S. as well. Mobility Networks comes to mind with their work with Simon Malls. A lot of other mall owner groups are releasing their own apps with similar functionality. You’re just not seeing the emphasis on connecting with digital signage.

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