How To Draw The Wrong Kind Of Attention On A High Street

October 25, 2014 by Dave Haynes


A London real estate agency found out the hard way why running plain old TV in a high street window is a bad idea, after a prankster used a universal remote to change the station from 24-hours news to porn.

The Notting Hill office of Faron Sutaria, reports the Daily Mail, had its sidewalk-facing TV switched to something called Babestation. The head of a competing agency managed to grab a photo, and I’m not si=ure that’s the one that made it to Twitter and the news.

So first, as an agency selling selling property in one of the pricier areas of a crazily expensive city, why are you showing a news channel in the window???

And second, if you insist o having a telly, I believe many TVs have controls that can disable remotes, and failing that, there’s this high-tech thing called electrical tape, which you put over the little infra-red thingdoodle to block naughty remote activity.

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