Projects: Live Data To Posters Pushes Home Energy Mobile Controls

October 16, 2014 by Dave Haynes


I like this – the UK startup Liveposter worked with Posterscope and an agency, CHI&Partners, to promote the Hive Active Heating service of British Gas on digital screens around London.

The thrust of the campaign is to let consumers know that if they were using the mobile service, they could be firing up the furnace at home while waiting for a bus or train.

The ads are mapped to data sources, using Liveposter, so it can tell commuters a particular bus is coming and suggest it’s a bit chilly at the end point of the bus line.

At airports, the ads will be tied to things like the temperature information of the country people are arriving from – so if they’re coming from sunny Spain they can whip out their phones and crank up the heating at home and keep the warm feelings going.

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