If Your Job’s About Effective Digital Signage, You Want To Be At Xlab

October 2, 2014 by Dave Haynes


With DSrupted, a speaking thing earlier this week and a quick 1-day run through G2E out of the way, I’m now looking forward to my next conference –SEGD’s Xlab 2014 in New York on Nov. 6th.

It will be a kooky few days because there’s also the DPAA’s annual event, CEW (formerly CETW and before that Kioskcom) and AdTech. I heard really great things about the 2013 Society for Experiential Graphic Design Xlab, so I was planning to go anyway. But now I’m moderating one of the main sessions and sitting on a panel.

SEGD’s Xlab 2014 brings together some of the top experiential design studios in the world to talk about how digital technology is transforming built environments and changing the way we connect with one another.

“The breadth of possibility for smartly integrated digital technology into buildings, cities, and public and commercial spaces—via screen and display media, wearables, iBeacon sensors, and intelligent interfaces—has never been greater,” says Clive Roux, CEO of SEGD. “We believe designers practicing in this realm should be up to speed on the platforms and technologies at their disposal, and that’s where Xlab comes in.”

The one-day conference is organized around four fast-paced sessions: Insights, Content, Platform, and Make.

A dozen speakers from the world’s top experiential design studios will share INSIGHTS on the factors driving new digital experiences; CONTENT models that nuance brand, storytelling, and technology to innovate customer experience; new digital technology PLATFORMS that are being used to tell stories, communicate relevant information, and provide an emotional connection to place; and how creative teams are working with industry partners, manufacturers, and integrators to MAKE new digital experiences come alive.

Xlab speakers represent the top experiential design studios in the world, including:

Jason Bruges Studio (London)

HUSH (New York)

Arup (New York)

Local Projects (New York)

Second Story (Portland)

Control Group (New York)

Schema (Seattle)

Leviathan (Chicago)

Float4 (Montreal)

Bluecadet (Philadelphia)

Costs gotta get covered so there are some slight suspicious speaking slots involving vendors,

Xlab was conceived as a forum to encourage dialogue between design and technology, says Bryan Meszaros, founder of digital agency OpenEye and Co-Chair of Xlab 2014 with Anthony Vitagliano, experience design director for Digital Kitchen. Vitagliano’s shop did the amazing work in the lobby of the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

“Digital technology is a powerful tool in the design of immersive customer experiences, but to be truly effective, it has to integrate storytelling and consistent brand messaging,” says Meszaros. “Through collaboration and dialogue among design, technology, and brand, we can envision the future of immersive customer experiences in the next five to 10 years.”

Not going to the NYC Digital Signage Week stuff in a coupla weeks. Don’t have the bottomless budget for two sets of NYC hotel bills within a month.

  1. Last years event was truly awesome!

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