Price Tag Company Says It Has 6 Million Digital Signs Running

September 23, 2014 by Dave Haynes


Is a network-updated digital price tag a digital sign?

I could get on either side of that on a debate, but my gut reaction is, “Not really.”

Whatever the case, a Silicon Valley company is talking about how it has 6 million digital signs out in the marketplace in Europe and North America. That would make Altierre Corp., by far, the most widely deployed company in digital signage if you want to lump in price and fact tags as signs.

The company announced last week it has shipped more than 6 million digital tags and signs to date, with  4 million of Altierre’s digital signs are currently installed and operating nationwide in retail stores in over 1,000 U.S. cities, including the only chain-wide deployment of digital signs in the country. Another 2 million of Altierre’s digital price tags are installed and operating in stores across France.

“Crossing six million products shipped is a tremendous milestone for the company and truly validates our technology, the scalability of our in-store wireless network, and the continued confidence of our customers,” said Altierre Chairman and CEO Sunit Saxena in a news release. “Many of our installations are approaching the five-year mark in their deployment, which affirms their long-range battery life and reliability. We have established Altierre as a global leader in low-power retail technology, capable of deploying a long-range network that supports over 60,000 digital tags, signs and sensors in a single retail store.”

By providing bi-directional communication and a host of innovative applications, Altierre gives forward-thinking retailers a competitive advantage through greater efficiencies, cost savings and revenue-enhancing pricing and promotional opportunities to deliver rapid ROI and bring the advantages of the Internet to brick and mortar stores.

Altierre recently announced an aggressive expansion of its global sales effort, including its first international office based in Paris to ramp up sales and service customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

By the way Altierre, you b-a-d-l-y need a new website. Just sayin’ …

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