DSrupted Speaker Ratings

September 22, 2014 by Dave Haynes


One of the tools used last week at DSrupted was a real-time speaker rating web app called Pheedloop, which is the product of a local Toronto start-up. They approached me with a template that was ready to go, and for all of $50, I gave it a crack.

It was cool, and beat the crap out of badgering people to fill out sheets of paper left on their chairs. Never mind chasing down and transcribing the sheets.

The feedback rate was roughly 15%-20%, with more done earlier in the day and before the mid-afternoon swoon conferences tend to see. I’d like to see higher, but this was a first time and it was unfamiliar.

The results were pretty consistent across the board – with Doug Thompson’s Beacons session getting the highest ratings out of 10. Overall, the speakers rated above 8 out of 10 as an average in all four categories. Pretty good, and a benchmark to beat next time.


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