Fall Is Learning Time In Digital Signage

September 18, 2014 by Dave Haynes

Selfishly, I’ve held off making much noise about other conferences and summits going on in the digital signage sector this fall, as I wanted people placing their learning bet on DSrupted.

With that over, let’s look at the many events going on in the next few weeks:


Next week, it’s the Digital Screenmedia Association’s symposium, called Connected Experiences. It’s in Dallas and is on Tuesday, though there is a Monday night thing at an indoor golf place that appears to be a lot more than putt-putt.



On Oct. 7-8 in downtown Toronto, at a micro-brewery, is the Digital Trends Showcase a series of area vendors have been putting on, as something of a micro-trade show.

NYDSW2014_REDrectThe big upcoming thing is the self-dubbed NYC Digital Signage Week, which is an amalgam of different events that  already lined up in calendars and other ones – like open houses and cocktail parties – that have been organized with the idea that people will be in New York, so let’s have them in.

The main events are:

Oct. 21

DSE ONE  – described as a new one-day education and networking program designed specifically for middle and upper management decision-makers whose organizations are interested in exploring new ways to communicate more effectively with their customers and employees through existing or planned digital signage, interactive technology and mobile solutions.

Digital Signage Federation mixer that night

Oct. 22

The DailyDOOH Investor Conference – A big dollar day-long event aimed at people with money to invest and companies looking for same.

The annual NEC Partner Showcase

Oct. 23

Employee Communications Thought Leadership Summit

And some parties and tours through the week, here and there

All the details are here: http://www.dailydooh.com/nycdigitalsignageweek

Then there’s the other non-branded NYC digital signage week a coupla weeks later, with:

The DPAA’s Video Everywhere Summit on Nov. 4th

A DSA party at the Hard Rock and its Crown Awards on the 5th


Customer Engagement World on the 5th and 6th


The Society for Experiential Graphic Design’s xLab 2014 on the 6th. I’m moderating a panel on MAKE :: The Collaborative Process as Innovation Fusion … which means … something … need to study.

And there’s AdTech on the 5th and 6th, as well, which is not digital signage but has lotsa connective tissue.

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