UCView Adds Raspberry Pi Option To Digital Signage Player Lineup

September 11, 2014 by Dave Haynes


Most of the companies that have introduced digital signage solutions for Raspberry Pi have been start-ups or little teeny existing companies with no marketplace presence.

But now we have UCView, a long-running signage software company operating in greater LA, launching what’s called ARM Caster HD, which is powered by Raspberry Pi.

Says the company:

Known as one of the smallest media players available on the market; this portable credit-card sized player can accomplish a lot for its size. The media player not only has the ability of displaying full-scale digital signage for your audience on a daily basis, but is capable of engaging viewers with 1080p HD video. The new ARM Caster includes specifications such as 512MB RAM, an HDMI output, and newly added four USB ports for easy set up and connection.

The slim and portable ARM Caster offers a lot of benefits as shown below:

The product is aimed at small businesses, as you might expect. It runs off the UCView by SaaS at $15/month or UCView also does low-cost on-premise server licensing.

  1. Interesting to note that this seems to advertise flash support. Considering that Adobe has never (and will never) release an ARMv6 linux (read: Rpi compatible) version of their plugin, this must be using Gnash internally to render the swfs.

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