What’s The Biggest Digital Signage Network in North America? The World?

September 10, 2014 by Dave Haynes


Having written almost 3,800 posts on digital signage, going back 8 1/2 years, it’s reasonable for people to conclude if they don’t have an answer for something, Dave may well know.

I get that a lot, and once in a while I actually DO know. But this one stumped me, and I thought it was interesting and worth crowd-sourcing a response: What are the biggest digital signage networks in North America, and globally?

I have sense of North America, but globally I have to think there are networks in China I’ve never heard of that are massive and totally off my radar screen. There are cities in China I’ve never heard of that would be among the largest cities here and in Europe (Shantou has 11.6M). So there are likely some vast networks there.

I’d define a network’s size by numbers of media players and number of venues.I don’t care about number of screens, though many software companies trey to go to town by marketing how they drive gazillions of screens, based on things like department store video walls where one box drives 50 screens.

So here’s my take on North America.

1 – Verifone/Outcast – taxis and gas pumps – numbers sketchy but Verifone touts 50,000 screens and each taxi has its own player

2 – Accent Health – at least 12,000 medical practitioner offices with screens (30K total, but not convinced all have screens)

3 – Tim Hortons – >17,000 with 1 player per menu board screen, 3,500 stores

4 – McDonald’s McCafe – not sure how many, but must be greater than 10K

5. Captivate – 10,000 elevator screens, 1,000 buildings

6 – Ontario Lottery – roughly  9,000 locations and screens

7 – Loto Quebec – >8,000 locations and screens

8 – GSTV – 2,600 gas stations

9 – CNN Airport – 2,000 departure gates

10 – Zoom Media – 1,600 health clubs

Wild cards – Touchtunes digital jukeboxes (many 1,000s), corporate networks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America, big QSRs like Burger King, Wendy’s …

Overseas – Focus Media in China (???), Amscreen in Europe – >6,500  screen units

I know I don’t have these right. So please the comments section to provide more accurate numbers and additional information. Again, screens don’t matter for this exercise. Players and venue counts matter.





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