Dell Latest To Add Chromebox To Product Line

September 9, 2014 by Dave Haynes


US PC maker Dell has added a little Chrome OS-driven Chromebox to its product lineup, with units shipping later this month.

The Austin-based company is the 4th, by my count, with a $179 USD Chromebox – a device I know is already in the field as a digital signage player with Rise Vision and being actively tested by several other companies.

Dell already had an interesting low-cost digital signage device in its Dell Wyse Cloud Connect. Nanonation has been using the HDMI stick with some clients and I know another software company will soon announce its own distinct product that uses the $129 USD stick.

Google’s Vidya Nagarajan, product manager for Chrome for Business and one of the lead people on the company’s digital signage work, is the lead-off speaker a week tomorrow at DSrupted in Toronto. If the Chromebox and Chrome platform intrigue you, this is a great chance to hear the story right from the tech giant. We’ll have 15 minutes for questions.


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