DSrupted Will Offer Instant Pheedback For Speakers

September 4, 2014 by Dave Haynes


DSrupted already has a very nice, dedicated app that enables attendees to network, message and set-up chats with other attendees. It’s called Bizzabo and I’m liking what it does.

The event will also have a mobile tool that will allow attendees to not only rate speakers, but provide direct feedback and message the speakers. Instead of sheets of paper few people want to fill out, there’s an HTML5 smartphone app that lets attendees select the speaker and use sliders to provide feedback.

I get aggregated analytics instead of a pile of papers and scribbles. It’s called Pheedloop and it’s from a little Toronto start-up.  They are so start-uppy the founders can’t get to DSrupted because they have classes at the University of Toronto that day.

Still procrastinating? Register for DSrupted here.

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