Omnivex Debuts Leaner Version Of Moxie, Aimed At SMB Market

September 3, 2014 by Dave Haynes

300x96xMoxie-Commercial-300.png.pagespeed.ic.YA7i7I9-zEToronto-based Omnivex, one of the oldest digital signage software companies in the game, has tweaked its go to market off to make it easier and more affordable for the small to medium business crowd to opt in on the platform.

Omnivex has primarily sold its flagship Moxie product to mid-size and large enterprises, selling on a perpetual software license basis (as opposed to the more prevalent SaaS model in the market).

Moxie shines in larger installations, says Omnivex President Jeff Collard, “because it can automate many functions such as playlist management that is labor intensive. There are also some features in Moxie that benefit smaller organizations (1-50 Players), so we decided to introduce a leaner SMB version of Moxie (Moxie Commercial) that targets smaller companies. It uses the same Player and back office but many of the Enterprise modules are suppressed. Customers can start with a lower cost system; if the need arises in future, they can easily upgrade with no impact to their existing infrastructure. Otherwise they can stay with Moxie Commercial.”

“At the same time,” Collard says, “we’ve added a new component to Moxie Enterprise to support local input using any browser. Some of our resellers host Moxie for their customers and some large organizations want a simple, easy to use interface for casual users on their network. Moxie Enterprise now includes a component called QuickLink to support these hosted or distributed installations where individuals are allowed to make changes to their screens within boundaries set by the network operator.”

The Omnivex platform gets a lot of respect in the marketplace, and is one of  a handful that were doing data integration and data-shaped content long before that notion was being broadly discussed. Adding a leaner version of Moxie addresses some market resistance both on price and complexity, says Collard.

“We give people a lot of power and it can be overwhelming. Smaller companies don’t have dedicated content people. Price is a barrier, but so is perceived complexity. I would argue that Moxie is a much easier product to use than most of our competitors, the differences really stand out in bigger networks where Moxie can accomplish complex tasks in a few mouse clicks. But you need to learn it and if it isn’t your full time job, you probably won’t get that exposure.”

Here’s the release:

Today Omnivex announced the release of Commercial and Enterprise versions of its popular Omnivex Moxie software. Moxie Commercial has been designed to support small to medium sized organizations with local installations, of up to 50 players, that don’t require Enterprise features. “Moxie Commercial provides all of the power of an Enterprise solution at a more affordable price,” said Jeff Collard, President, Omnivex Corporation. 

The Moxie Enterprise solution has been designed for organizations with multiple buildings or locations looking to leverage their data across a large network of devices. It includes all of the components of Moxie Commercial plus the Omnivex suite of data linking products, Sync service, Scripting capabilities, Permission management, Proxies and the Omnivex QuickLink tool for content management and contribution using a web browser. Moxie Enterprise enables customers to connect people with data, leveraging their existing investment in data and improving operational efficiencies.

The launch of the Commercial and Enterprise versions of the award winning Omnivex Moxie software is part of the release of Moxie 6.12

Founded in 1991, Omnivex software is used by many Fortune 1000 companies to communicate information to their customers and employees. Omnivex enables organizations to connect people with real-time data, creating operational efficiencies, empowering decision making, and creating engaging experiences. Omnivex and its customers have been recognized with numerous awards for excellence.

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