Noxel Embeds Digital Signage Player In LED Projector

August 27, 2014 by Dave Haynes


The Malaysian digital signage company Noxel has embedded an ARM-based media player, running Noxel’s software, in the body of a small LED-lit projector.

The 1,200 lumens projector, which would need to run in a darkened environment to drive a decent image, has an operating life of 20,000 hours minimum, which is a big jump up from more traditional lamp-lit data projectors.

The unit has an ARM A7 Dual Core processor, not exactly smoking fast but probably OK for simple digital signage content, and built-in WiFi.

Not sure of the use-case, but what jumps to mind are things like those projections on bars and restaurant tabletops, and maybe in office/campus environments.

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