Projects: Projected Messi Runs The Streets Of Barcelona

I’ve seen references to this as projection mapping, but that implies the visuals are being precisely tuned to the the dimensions and contours of a structure. That’s not in play here, but it is nonetheless very clever and effective.

To celebrate the return of Argentine football superstar Lionel Messi to FC Barcelona for the new season, and hump a new set of shoes bearing his name, Adidas set up high-powered projectors on a vehicle (I assume a truck) and drove theĀ streets of Barcelona, playing video of Messi in action against buildings, cars and anything with a flat surface.

Nice guerrilla marketing, though more people will probably see the viral video than saw the street-level projections (1.5 million views after 2 weeks)..

2 thoughts on “Projects: Projected Messi Runs The Streets Of Barcelona”

  1. I’m a bit surprised that would be legal. ‘Standing still’ digital projections tend to be heavily regulated as it is.

  2. Reasonable point.

    My take:
    1 – it was guerrilla marketing and they just did it and said sorry of they had to
    2 – anything involving Messi probably gets a free pass in Catalonia

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