Golf Cart Digital OOH Network Plans IPO

August 20, 2014 by Dave Haynes


A Scottsdale, AZ company that puts tablets in golf carts and sells the 4.5 hours of quality time with golfers to brands has filed papers for an IPO, with intentions of listing as an Over-The-Counter stock on the US market.

Digital Caddies says it has over 10,000 interactive screens installed on more than 142 golf courses in all major markets across the U.S., with more screens coming online daily. The touchscreen tablets provide GPS-based course navigation, aerial fairway and green views with accurate yardages to landmarks. They get updated over a  Sprint 3G network.

The advertise to golfers thing, on the the premise they index high on income, education and so on, has been tried and tried. Advertising sales, no matter how prime the audience may seem, is tough. And while 10,000 screens is a lot, 142 courses is not, particularly if you spread that across the 20 top markets – some that have snow on the course 4-5 months a year.

The company has been around since 2003. I’ll be intrigued to watch how this does as a listed company.

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