ABC’s Day In Pictures Is Broadcast Content That Works On Digital Signs

August 19, 2014 by Dave Haynes

day in pix

It’s rare when broadcast news material makes an effective jump across mediums and on to digital signs.

We’ve all seen newscasts with talking heads on place-based screens where there’s no audio support. And we’ve seen local news reports shoveled into the programming schedules of digital sign networks, and wondered why is that there?

My little Apple Tv box recently added ABC News, and I noticed a segment they run called Day In Pictures. It’s a quick photo slideshow with headlines that works. Big visuals. Tight summary statements.

The content feed companies like ScreenFeed, Seenspire and Digichief do it better because digital signage is their product focus, but if you insist on partnerships with mainstream broadcasters, this is the sort of thing I’d recommend using, as opposed to video clips from news sets.


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