Projects: Brilliant Interactive Video Wall At Performance Court, Ottawa

August 1, 2014 by Dave Haynes

This is a brilliant video wall execution in a new office block in Ottawa, Canada’s national capital.

The project was put together by Cineplex Digital Solutions, with Arsenal Media doing the creative and Dynamix and RPV doing the supply and installation.

The 26 foot high by 21.5 foot wide wall used 72 Barco LED tiles in the upper portions and 48 Christie MicroTiles in the lower part. There are multiple gesture cameras and the Tiles support multi-touch.

The goal was to integrate a design into the overall space, and make the install both visually interesting but also functional as a directory and information piece. The key tenant also uses it to showcase artwork and it can also be cut over to live TV.

There are several content zones and the set-up allows interesting things like allowing gesture activity to happen on displays while another user is using it for a touch experience.

Very, very nice … and one of those projects where you can easily imagine another property company ringing up Cineplex and saying, “Yeah, Hi, I want a version of that in my building …”

This has been around for a few months but I really wanted to wait until I got some video, to better show what all is going on.

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