Pattison Extends SmartAd Platform To Canada’s Outdoor LED Boards

smartAD Rollout

Pattison Outdoor Advertising, the biggest national OOH and Digital OOH company up here in the cradle of curling and poutine, has extended a “smart ad” system used until now on inside inventory to the big LED boards along Canada’s three paved roads.

With the Adobe Flash-driven smartAD advertising engine, Pattison’s advertisers “have the ability to quickly and efficiently update advertising campaigns across the country’s largest and only multi-platform digital inventory.”

Already available on nearly 2,500 interior screens across Canada, Pattison Outdoor has completed the rollout of its smartAD platform to all of its 207 exterior digital posters and spectaculars coast to coast.

This is the sort of data-driven ad creative model that is emerging in display advertising, and to a much lesser degree digital signage advertising, using HTML5. Pattison has had this system up for a while, hence the use of the more processor and programming intensive Flash.

The smartAD platform, Pattison says, allows its ad clients to:

 Create relevant and dynamic advertisement based on external data sources like weather, date or time;

  • Instantly update artwork, based on product supply and demand;
  • Include directions and maps that guide the user to the closest location with the product available;
  • Create a sense of urgency for events and/or time-sensitive promotions; and
  • Easily integrate social media feed from sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram 

Pattison has screens along major roadways and in subways, airports, malls, and in residential and office towers.

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