DSrupted Promises Full Day Look At Digital Signage And Disruptive Technology

July 21, 2014 by Dave Haynes

logo-300We’re now less than two months out from DSrupted, the first conference to focus just on the rapidly evolving and emerging technologies that are disrupting the digital signage business.

On Sept. 17th in downtown Toronto, a full day has been set aside to much more closely examine the opportunities and implications of technologies such as HTML5, Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons, Internet of Things, cloud services and much more.

DSrupted is decidedly different from typical conferences:

The speakers are:

Doug Thompson – CEO of Dot3, a firm specializing in helping retailers and brands bring bluetooth beacons into retail and other settings. The company operates in three countries and Doug is recognized as one of the top voices in this emerging tech

Matthew Milan – CEO of Normative, an interactive agency that specializes in software development and the real-world application of the Internet of Things. His talk will be called The Programmable World.

Paul Vincent – CEO of Neuranet, a start-up that is focused on how media uses HTML5. His company has software that can build several ads all at once, using the web technology.

Matt Arnold – Lead Integration Engineer at Second Story. He is that company’s version of a Disney Imagineer, and is the technical brain behind some amazing experiential and visual projects around the U.S.

Vidya Nagarajan – Google is in digital signage and Vidya, based at Google HQ, is one of the key product managers looking at how Chrome For Business works with and drives digital signage applications.

I went into Toronto late last week and had speaker planning meetings with Thompson and Milan, who’d I’d only previously met by phone. I took the choo-choo back out of the big city to the suburbs feeling really good that both are going to put on very interesting, highly relevant presentations. Thompson, in particular, is already working heavily with retailers and brands on beacon implementations and doing work to bridge the technology to the screens on walls and the screens in our hands.  Milan also has a great perspective on how the Internet of Things is not really about devices, but about the data and what you can do with it.

The pro-AV set-up is booked, the conference area at the downtown Toronto Telus Conference Centre is reserved, and things are largely in control.

But … if you are planning to attend you can help in a couple of ways:

1 – If you haven’t ordered your tickets, do so using our EventBrite ticketing engine. Planning is always easier when you have a better sense of crowd size. It’s summer, I know, but that actually gives you more time than normal to do things like planning ;-]

2 – Tell your colleagues and business friends about DSrupted, and encourage them to take a day to learn a LOT.

We already have some impressive companies send folks, including Canadian Tire Corporation, Olson and Ontario Lottery. And we have a great sense of sponsors, from host Telus to event sponsors Rise Vision, LG, Pattison OneStop, Cineplex and the Digital Signage Federation.

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