Nebraska’s Blabfeed Offers Up $69 Digital Signage Creative

July 7, 2014 by Dave Haynes

So … how about full-motion graphic ads produced for $69?

That’s the pitch from a company called blabfeed, based in Bellevue, Nebraska.

blabfeedAs a way to generate some attention for its services, the company has a limited time offer out for $69 flat-rate content development. blabfeed is primarily a VAR and integrator, so it has partnered with an Omaha creative agency to get spots produced.

The pitch is they will do high-quality custom animated videos for your digital signage, website, social media pages and more for the $69.

That would not seem sustainable and it probably is not (hence limited time), but the company is part of Ho-Chunk, a $250 million economic development corporation wholly owned by the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. Ho-Chunk has more than 30 companies, meaning blabfeed is not quite an ordinary start-up.

The demo reel is not going to get too many agencies twitchy, but there’s lots of meat and potatoes creative requirements out there that need a price and call to action, and don’t have a $1,500-$5,000 creative budget allocated to get that done.

“These are simple, high-quality motion graphic animated videos that are optimized for distribution on digital signage,” says CEO Keith Fix. “You are correct that we’re really just looking to stand out in the crowd with an attractive price point. The bigger picture is helping economically solve the content question for signage networks and providers.”

  1. Matt Krebs says:

    Great niche for content creation!

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