Projects: Nescafe Media Wall At Nestle Global HQ

June 24, 2014 by Dave Haynes

Nescafé’s iPad driven Mediawall in Nestlé’s HQ from defocus films on Vimeo.

Defocus Films sent along a video link and a package of photos showing the media wall it pulled together for the food and beverage giant Nestlé at its global headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland.

The nine-screen media wall is controlled by an iPad using software the company wrote itself in three weeks, and a bunch of Mac Minis. It is interesting to me, despite there being soooo many choices out there, that a company just up and built its own CMS, and did it that quickly. Kinda crazy.

The description I got was all in French, so I’m not entirely sure what is what, but believe people can select what they want to view with the iPad using an image carousel. The wall has sync’d content, interactive aspects and integrated social media.

It’s very nice.

  1. Glad you like it ! Thanks for sharing.

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