CE labs To Debut Two 4K Digital Signage Players Next Week At Infocomm

June 10, 2014 by Dave Haynes


There should be quite a bit of 4K on show next week at InfoComm – both on the display side and among the hardware guys that get the signal around and on to screens.

CE labs, a loyal 16:9 advertiser, will be at the Las Vegas show and will be showing off a pair of new 4k 60Hz ultra high definition digital signage players. The AP700-4k and the AP70-4k are signage players housed in a commercial-grade chassis, outfitted with HDMI 2.0 and  capable of playing HEVC content using the new h.265 codec.

The h.265 codec, if you just went cross-eyed, is a new standard that allows the way-big 4K files to be compressed down to the size of 1080P video files. So you can move 4K files around without running up data costs or consuming all your bandwidth.

The AP700-4K uses Linux OS and is a fully-loaded 4k 60Hz digital signage player with RS232 and IR control, 8-port GPIO interface, dual display capabilities and HDMI input.

The AP70-4k used Android (which is actually just a mobile variant of Linux) to run 4k 60Hz video at just 20% the power consumption of  comparable PC-based digital signage appliances. It has a 4-port GPIO interface.

Says CE labs in a release:

With new robust browsers, both the AP700-4k and the AP70-4k digital signage players, support image overlays, HTML5, Javascript and CSS content allowing easy delivery of dynamic content that can be switched out on the fly using QuickSign Pro Designer and deployed over a large network using CCM Enterprise software.

“This is an exciting time for us because we are very proud of what we have engineered and developed for both large-scale digital media channels and single, independent digital signage operators,” said Eric McCready, Director of Business Development. “The AP700-4k and the AP70-4k is the latest example of our innovation and devotion to the digital signage industry and those that need a reliable component to play true 4k 60Hz content. We are looking forward to continuing our development of new features and functions for the AP700-4k and AP70-4k in order to provide the best, most cost-effective solution and that is why they will be released at under $700 and $500 respectively.”

CE labs®/Cable Electronics, Inc. currently has over 60,000 digital signage players out in the field and has become the number one digital signage hardware provider in retail environments.

“With the advancements that have been made with QuickSign Pro Designer, which allows users to easily drag n’ drop content in order to create professional HTML5 layouts for free without needing to know any coding, and the announcement of our new 4k 60Hz players, we have shown our technological and creative commitment to provide easy and economical digital signage offerings,“ explains Tony Smith, Creative Director. “It’s imperative we provide a supportive platform for our customers and one that places them in a position of success. We feel we have delivered on that so far and will continue to do so.”

The AP700-4k and the AP70-4k will be available Q3 2014.

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