The Ugly Baby Shows Up In Taiwan

June 8, 2014 by Dave Haynes


Yeah, I said it again.

Your Baby’s Ugly – my riff on sub-optimal programming in digital signage – came out again Friday for a large crowd at the annual Digital Signage Multimedia Alliance digital signage conference in Taipei.

I spoke, Paul Flanigan from the Digital Screenmedia Association spoke, as well as the head of Asiaray – a big OHH/DOOH company in the region. Me and Flanigan were in English (we didn’t want to show off our command of Mandarin) and the rest was in mandarin, so I have no idea what else was said.

Good event. There were 350 registered and I’d say about 200 listening to Paul and I blabber on. It was a nice theatre setting downtown, near Taipei 101 (giant office tower). The DSA also signed an MOU with the DMSA to develop closer ties.


I’d never been to Taiwan but definitely want to come back. The people are soooooo nice and treated us like rock stars.

Taiwan is a very different place and business mindset from mainland China and it was a little mind-wobbling to learn how many tech companies are based here, including Foxconn (which has 9.5 million employees, mostly in Chinese factories).

It’s a little wet, though. Seeing the night markets and old parts of the city would have been more interesting if it wasn’t all done ducked under an umbrella and with shoes that were starting to make squishing sounds.

Ah well.

Heading home tomorrow after tours of Via and Advantech (saw Aopen on Friday).


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