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May 28, 2014 by Dave Haynes


Christie Digital has released its second coffee table-style book celebrating display technology, this new one focused on the awesome world of projection mapping.

The Book of Transformations is a free collection of stories, images and videos showing how projection mapping transforms storytelling and takes content outside of the traditional canvas and digital screen. The primer included in the book provides details on how a typical project comes to life.

BOTIt’s a digital download that you can get as tablet apps for both iOS and Android, or as a PDF. Christie also printed a limited run of hard copy books for its customers, partners and sales folks.

Says Christie in its news release today:

The Book of Transformations provides key visuals, core plans and technical details on scores of projection mapping projects done around the world using Christie projectors and complementary enabling technologies. It is available as a free downloadable app across multiple platforms, a PDF file and as a limited release hard copy publication.

Through more than 70 case studies, readers learn how giant office buildings, ancient temples and churches, landmark towers, bridges, performance stages and even athletic playing surfaces have been re-imagined and truly transformed using ‘light paint’ and the creative genius of event producers and artists.

Projection mapping involves creating an accurate, virtual version of a structure, and then using powerful professional-grade projectors to transform the characteristics of that structure using painted light and motion graphics.

The tablet version of The Book of Transformations includes images, embedded video and detailed narratives of how various structures and surfaces were mapped, recreated in software, and then given entirely new appearances using powerful projected light. The Book of Transformations also traces the history of the art form, provides an extensive primer on how projects are conceived and executed, and looks at the future of the technology and medium.

This follows up on the release of The Book of Shapes, which is about projects that use Christie’s unique MicroTiles display blocks.

I know a whole bunch about both books, because I wrote both of them. Design and production was done by Arsenal Media.

They’re great selling tools, but also great introductions to the tech. Some of the work done on projection mapping is just amazing. My fave is a marble-walled mosque in Abu Dhabi that was totally transformed by projected light.


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