DSE Huddling Up And Drinking That Powerful Canadian Beer June 4th in Toronto

May 26, 2014 by Dave Haynes


The Digital Signage Expo people are doing a mixer next week in Toronto, where it is finally warm, bordering on hot.

The DSE Huddle, as they have dubbed these things, is June 4th, starting at 5:30 and running for a coupla hours at the Jack Astors’ bar and Grill up above Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square. The area is kinda sorta the Canadian version of Times Square, with much of the area wallpapered with LED boards.

Says the DSE:


DSE’s Huddles are made up of local professionals who have a shared interest in digital signage, digital out-of-home and interactive technologies, and consist of end users, manufacturers, brand marketers, integrators, ad agencies and more!  The goal of DSE Huddles is to provide a local place for networking, learning and idea sharing.

Pretty much like the mixers I used to do in Toronto, but got too busy to keep up. Generally, you get together, swap business cards and tall tales, and then spill out into the street singing Croatian football songs.

If you are coming from out of town and don’t know the area, it’s right downtown, but a few blocks up from the financial district. Canada’s busiest shopping centre is across the street. The Mayor, as far as we know, will still be in rehab about three hours up the road, so no special guest entertainment.

Holding to form, I can’t make it. I’ll be REALLY out of town that evening (Hong Kong). If you are in Toronto or the general region, here’s how and where you register …

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