A Sub-$700 49-inch Android Smart Panel (Sadly Just Available In China)

May 20, 2014 by Dave Haynes


Bryan Mongeau, VP Technology at BroadSign, keeps one eye on the Asian flat panel display market, looking for “smart” displays with sufficient horsepower to fully apply to the digital signage space.

His latest is from a Chinese startup called Xiaomi, which you may have heard of if you pay attention to the smartphone market. The company also does TVs and set-top boxes.

Liliputing has a post up about the Mi TV 2,  a 49-inch4K TV that runs Android and has a quad-core ARM processor and Mali graphics under the hood. The thing starts selling in China next week and costs the US equivalent of $640, which is pretty crazy. Sadly, like many consumer electronics products bubbling up in the huge Chinese market, it’s not likely to be sold outside that country, Liliputing speculates.

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