Adobe’s New Voice App Lets Marketers Build Animated Videos For Free

May 8, 2014 by Dave Haynes


Adobe has released a new iPad app that lets marketers easily build narrated product and promotion videos off their tablet, for free.

Called Adobe Voice, the software enables anyone with even a smidge of marketing and design sensibilities to put together animated videos that are driven by the narrated voice.

Users pair up their recorded voice statements with themes and imagesa from a graphics library. They can also upload their own images, like product shots and logos.

The h.264 videos play out in a regular video player or within HTML5. The videos are hosted by Adobe, and I don’t see the ability to download them and serve locally (though someone will develop a hack for that, no doubt). So if you wanted to roll the streaming video dice you could conceivably develop messages for a browser-driven digital signage network, and call them off the Adobe servers. But that might end up being a bit of a frame-dropping, buffering mess, and I’m not sure this the engine to be producing ads.

More to the point, though, is how this is a way a lot of smaller software and services companies can develop messages about what they do and why people should care, easily and for nothing but the investment of time. All they need to do is embed the playout code or grab the URL and post through social channels and email.

Just don’t select the ukelele background music. I think we’ve all seen our maximum lifetime allowance of happy, ukelele-back product videos for dot-com start-ups.

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