First WordPress, Now Joomla Being Used for Digital Signage

May 6, 2014 by Dave Haynes


I wrote last year about a Chicago guy who had figured out a way to turn the WordPress blogging platform into a content management system and presentation platform for digital signage.

Now we have someone using the other popular open-source blogging platform – Joomla – to drive screens with scheduled ads. It actually uses a module called SocialAds to make it happen.

Looks like this:

This looks like another one of those “Look, we got it to sorta work” things, as opposed to a viable platform. But it’s yet more evidence of how the walls are breaking right down on the once proprietary activity of managing and scheduling content for screens.

For my DSrupted conference, I pulled the website together using WordPress and used a slider plug-in that was dead simple to work with and used HTML5 to set animations like text flying in and out. For $20, it would be all any number of small business sign guys would ever need for producing low cost promotions spots.

These low or no-cost solutions are generally faaaaaaaar from anything a real network would use, but they hint at what’s possible. What’s not going to be possible soon – save some rare circumstances – are the jumbo software license or subscription fees, and hardware margins, that many companies have traded on.

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