Worst … Digital Signage Programming … Ever

May 4, 2014 by Dave Haynes


Ok, so maybe there’s something worse out there, but this was gloriously bad. And in my backyard.

I was at the local mall the other day picking something up, and noticed this screen on a stick at an optical store entry.

1. They were just taking print ads, that are too busy even for print, and slapping them on the screen.

2. There were two ads, and they’d stay on the screen all of three seconds (I counted).

And the screen’s too high. The fonts are too small. The artwork doesn’t even fill out the widescreen. The focal point is the face. There’s no call to action. On and on and on …

Here’s a simple tip for digital signage programming: put the content up, take a good long look, and ask yourself: “Does this even remotely work?”

Not in this case.

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