PetCare TV Harmonizes Ops On BroadSign

April 24, 2014 by Dave Haynes

BroadSign seems to be on a bit of run lately, adding more and more network clients. PetCareTV_Logo

The latest deal is PetCARE TV, which has converted its network of 1,750 screens to BroadSign’s software platform. The network puts screens in the waiting rooms of veterinarian offices, and PetCAREpretty much owns that vertical.

A third of programming is used for third-patrty advertising –  sold to big box retailers, pharmaceutical companies and pet brands – so BroadSign’s ad-centric software made sense.

“PetCARE TV is the product of two separate networks that were running on different software platforms, which created a huge headache,” says Kim Sarubbi, President of PetCARE TV. “BroadSign allowed us to migrate to one platform and its software possesses all the features and benefits we were looking for. It was a real win-win situation.”


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