Visionect Introduces E-Paper Digital Signage Solution

March 31, 2014 by Dave Haynes


Luka Birsa, the Chief Technology Officer for the Slovenian firm Visionect, sent me a note telling me about how his company has shifted its work with e-paper to the digital signage market.

“I read your article on meeting room systems and it inspired us to develop a demo system for room booking, which can be mounted on walls without any cables and should work for weeks on a single battery charge. We’ve even written a blog article on this topic.”

“We think,” Birsa continued, “that we have a very nice platform ready for digital signage and considering the feedback from partners, we’re probably the only one with a working solution that companies can deploy today. We’ve built digital signage for fairs, electronic shelf labels, room booking systems and even an Instagram-powered picture frame on our platform, just to show that it works.


The screens are very similar in form factor to Kindle Touch and Kindle Paperwhite units, and the company has development kits available for 239 Euro.

Visionect has a tabletop ordering system in the market, and also has some nice demos, as you can see, for things like paper fact tags replacements and environmental sensors.

Cool little products! I have a couple of Kindles and have been watching the development of e-paper. It’s not for everything, by any means, but these are nice, crisp and simple user experiences I could see fitting in very well in a corporate environment and using minimal energy. They also work with tech such as HTML5, so dynamic data is a relative snap.


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