You’ve Got 60 Seconds To Find The Mind You Just Lost

March 26, 2014 by Dave Haynes

burritobox_300Here’s the scariest digital signage application I’ve seen in ages.

From Digital Signage Today:

The University of Southern California has become the first U.S. university campus to offer a burrito vending kiosk, reports The Daily Trojan.

After installing its burrito vending kiosks at two gas stations in Los Angeles earlier this year, Burritobox selected USC for the site of its third kiosk and its first campus trial.

The refrigerated Burritobox kiosk will be stocked daily with fresh burritos. Customers will make their selection from an interactive touchscreen that displays available options. There are five burrito options, costing $3 each, with guacamole available for a further 75 cents. The burrito ingredients are antibiotic and hormone-free.

During the 60 seconds that it takes to heat the burritos, customers are shown a music or advertising video on the kiosk’s digital signage screen interface.

Me: That gives someone sixty seconds to think through the mind-wobbling idea that they’re waiting to eat a burrito that’s going to thud its way out of a vending machine. Then again, for the average college undergrad that’s haute cuisine. Ugh.

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