New Health Care Network Somehow Aims To Tie Up What’s Already Tied Up

February 28, 2014 by Dave Haynes


An over-the-counter traded entity called Broadcast Live Digital Corp. is the latest entrant in the old build it and they will come health care digital OOH ad sector.

The Toronto-based company announced Friday that it is launching “Location-Based Healthcare Digital Media Networks” in the billion dollar “Digital out of Home” sector throughout North America.

Broadcast Live Digital Corp. is taking digital display marketing and health related content to new levels, creatively and financially, with the release of their location-specific platforms in the healthcare marketplace. BFLD has created a proven model for multiple platforms for; Optical, Primary Care Physicians, Specialists and Pharmacy.

Two pioneers of location-based digital media lead the BFLD team with expertise in complimentary disciplines. Robert Oswald is a seasoned professional and the creative force behind the rollout and development of multiple marketing networks in the USA. Oswald created the Hearing News Network platform that was adopted by two of North America’s largest hearing healthcare retailers, HearUSA and Beltone. Business Development, Marketing and vision are the core strengths Mr. Oswald brings to BFLD. Matthew O’Brien is the Chief Technology Officer. Mr. O’Brien has developed, managed and deployed over a thousand systems and networks over the past 10 years in the healthcare and retail sectors.

Location-based digital media is today’s hottest marketing strategy when trying to reach patients or clients or those who accompany them. Recent surveys indicate that location-based digital media is a powerful tool in driving office traffic and consumer buying decisions.

By engaging the consumer at “point of care” with dynamic and active messaging, digital media delivers fresh, entertaining and relevant content to a captive audience. Studies show that patients sitting in a clinic’s waiting room are more apt to be drawn to a digital screen and the advertising and messages it carries than to thumb through brochures, pamphlets or old magazines.

Robert Oswald CEO of BFLD states, “Too many digital marketing firms are using static images, basic pre-recorded messages, video loops, or simple business card ‘advertising’. These models are missing an enormous opportunity to engage an audience that is captive to be ‘entertained’ and ‘educated’ as they wait for their appointment.”

The waiting rooms of North America’s healthcare facilities are the most desirable for the delivery of location or community specific advertising from major pharmaceutical or complimentary service providers. Distraction within a clinic environment is minimal and our approach to healthcare is friendly and informative.

As happens with companies, exchange-listed or not, that make a lot of noise about world domination, there’s not a lot of substance to back that up.

The company has the symbol BFLD because until last August it was known as Brookfield Resources and doing energy exploration in Nova Scotia, and nine months before that the company was operating as Movie Trailer Galaxy, according to financial reporting. The company has six employees, according to the same filings.

That context stated, there IS some background in digital signage, as BFLD owns Tech9,  a small deployment firm I have heard of that MAY be reaching just a wee bit in calling itself “is the fastest growing provider of robust digital signage solutions in North America.”

There are very well-established companies in the US and Canada who have tied up much of the potential installed base for health care clinics. There’s nothing in the release beyond the generalities of the sector and opportunity. There’s much to suggest how this has any legs in competing with 10,000-plus site Accent Health, Context Media or Respario, or with the aggregated Canadian Health Media Network.

So, as they say, good luck with that!

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