Projects: Transparent Fridge Display Beckons Quebecois Beer Lovers

February 25, 2014 by Dave Haynes


I like the notion of transparent LCDs for product promotion in stores, but have not seen many examples off trade show floors, so it’s great to see a modest rollout of these with a major brand.

Molson Coors Brewing is working with Montreal-based Groupe VIVA to put transparent beer fridges in a series of Quebec c-stores and entertainment spots.

Says a release:

The struggle for brand supremacy in the visually cluttered environment of convenience stores is well known. The innovative concept proposed by Groupe VIVA aims to make Molson Coors products stand out and set them apart from other products available at the entrance of the store. The Coors Light brand was a natural for this digital innovation because of its product positioning and well-known slogan “Who wants a cold one?” 

The project will be deployed in 40 Couche-Tard stores as well as in 10 bars and nightclubs in the Greater Montreal. 

“As specialists in digital innovations, our objective is to combine the latest advances in technology and digital content and make them accessible to retail chains and major brands. We are very proud to partner with Coors Light, the bestselling brand of beer in Quebec and Canada,” said Pierre Gendron, CEO of Groupe VIVA.

“Molson Coors is continually innovating both its products and its marketing, and this offensive is part of our constant quest for innovation and product differentiation. We are very proud to be deploying this North American first and with a trusted partner like Groupe VIVA,” explains Daniel Dufresne, VP Sales, Quebec and Atlantic, at Molson Coors.

I like, even though the silly people are focusing here on driving sales instead of providing the news and weather (been in a Linked In argument with a vendor who insists value-added content helps merchandising).

Groupe Viva, a great bunch who were clients in my old DS software sales days, do some nice work. They’re also smart marketers and have produced polished videos, in French and English, that demo the concept.

You won’t see this in much of English Canada because of the crazily varied and sometimes antiquated booze laws. Where I live, the only place you can buy beer is The Beer Store (no, really) or Liquor Control Board of Ontario stores (which people complain about, but are actually really good).

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