Projects: 800 Screens, 220 Content Channels, One SportChek Flagship Store

February 6, 2014 by Dave Haynes

The Canadian sporting goods retailer Sport Chek has opened an 80,000 sq. ft. store in the monster West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta that has a somewhat staggering 250 PCs driving 470 screens, plus a bunch of tablets and projections.

The store has:

“Our new flagship store in West Edmonton Mall is the most digitally advanced and personalized retail experience in the world,” says Michael Medline, President of Canadian Tire Corporation, parent company of FGL Sports, which runs the SportChek brand. “We have created an energy filled experience for anyone who is passionate about a great customer experience and shopping for an unparalleled array of sporting goods.”

STRATACACHE is what’s under the content management hood: “As the provider of their content management system, we understand the innovation and hard work that goes into tackling many in-store technological firsts,” says Chris Riegel, CEO for STRATACACHE. “Digital is the next step for retail. Sport Chek understands this and with the opening of the flagship store has proven they can lead it.”

FGL SPORTS LTD. - Sport Chek's First Flagship Store

Very nice. Not so much because of all the money that would have been thrown at this, but because it at least looks cohesive and ROI-drivem. Some flagships stores I have seen have a lot of WOW! about them, but just as many prompt the  simple question: WHY?

Should win some awards.

West Edmonton Mall, for the unfamiliar, is the original mega-mall and the one that spawned the Mall of America (same owners) and even larger malls in the Middle East and Asia.

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