Glasses-Free 3D Goes 4K

February 6, 2014 by Dave Haynes


I was wondering if next week’s Digital Signage Expo would have any companies there still trying to get the industry interested in glasses-free 3D – a tech that seems to move people quickly from amazed to ambivalent.

Turns out there is, and it’s a bit different.

Buffalo-based pro AV distributor Stampede Presentation Products will be showing something called Ultra-D glasses-free 3D, the product of Philadelphia-based Stream TV Networks.

“I’ve seen several attempts at glasses-free 3D in the past, but when I saw Ultra-D for the first time, I knew this was something that would bring significant and immediate benefit to the customers our 11,000 dealers serve,” says Stampede President & COO Kevin Kelly in a press release. “This is the breakthrough 3D solution our customers have been waiting for.”

I’m not sure how many customers have actually been waiting for glasses-free 3D, or where this tech makes a lick of sense in the context of digital signage, but I will keep an open mind.

Stream TV says it uses 4K panel for maximum clarity, and the tech delivers a wide-angle viewing experience that is completely comfortable, eliminating complaints of motion sickness and the need to be in a “sweet spot” to get a great 3D effect. They suggest a room full of people can simultaneously experience 3D without special glasses – which makes it ideal for digital signage and other commercial applications.

Stampede is at DSE Booth #325.



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